Managing your Student Pass

A Student Pass can last no more than a year. You’re responsible for renewing it if studying beyond its expiry date, which you should note carefully – Malaysia penalises students who overstay.

You should apply to extend your pass through the International Student Pass unit at least twelve weeks before your pass expires. You will need to submit:

  • one copy of all pages of your passport (ensure passport validity is at least 14 months from the student pass expiry date)
  • one passport-sized colour photo with blue background (3.5cm x 5cm)
  • your attendance record
  • your academic results
  • a research progress report if you’re a research student.

You will pay a fee to renew your Student Pass, which includes the cost of your health check and insurance premium, i-Kad and multiple entry visa (if needed). Submit your passport four weeks before your current Student Pass expires or when you are advised to do so.

The renewal process can take up to twelve weeks to complete provided that you fulfilled the minimum requirement set by Immigration/EMGS.

Transferring a Student Pass to a new passport

You can arrange to transfer a Student Pass from an old to a new passport through the International Student Pass unit, who will require:

  • your original passport and new passport
  • two copies of your new passport’s information pages and last Malaysian entry-stamp page
  • two copies of your old passport’s information pages, latest Student Pass page and last Malaysian entry-stamp page.

Malaysian Immigration usually takes up to four weeks to endorse a pass transfer. A processing fee could apply, depending on your country of origin.

Cancelling your Student Pass

When you complete your studies with us, withdraw from a course or transfer to another Malaysian institution, you need to provide our International Student Pass unit with your passport and other documents to have your Student Pass cancelled.

You need to submit:

  • your passport
  • two copies of the passport information pages, latest Student Pass page and last Malaysian entry-stamp page
  • a withdrawal form (PDF, 0.03 MB) (if discontinuing your course)
  • your departing air ticket (if leaving Malaysia)
  • your offer letter from your new institution (if transferring)
  • Monash attendance and results transcripts (if transferring)
  • Monash University release letter from Student Services (if transferring).

Malaysian Immigration can take up to 14 working days to cancel your pass.

Useful forms

Withdrawal form (PDF, 0.03 MB)

Malaysian Immigration forms

If you want to bring a member of your immediate family or a dependant to Malaysia, while studying here on a Student Pass, you can apply to Malaysian Immigration for a Social Pass.

Our International Student Pass unit can help you apply for a Social Pass, but you will need these Malaysian Immigration forms:

IMM.55 Form (PDF, 0.03 MB)

IMM.38 Form (PDF, 0.31 MB) (visa application form).