Pre-departure Briefing

Monash Abroad Malaysia conducts pre-departure sessions for students going abroad for:

  1. Intercampus Exchange to Monash University Australia
  2. International Exchange

These pre – departure sessions will provide important information that is specific to your destination such as travel advice, preparation for accommodation, visa and financing. You will obtain the details on the session from the coordinator via email.

The session is a great opportunity to meet and discuss with other students who are also planning for their exchange. During the session, we assist in your preparations by giving advice on areas such as enrollment, cultural adjustment and how to obtain your travel scholarship.

Preparing to go

Getting your travel scholarship

We would need the following documents to process your travel scholarships, please ensure that you have submitted them to Monash Abroad Malaysia:

  • Partner university exchange offer letter
  • Signed Acknowledgement of Conditions form
  • Completed Travel Scholarship Application form
  • Copy of your travel insurance policy

Once you have submitted all the required documents, the scholarship will be paid into your nominated account approximately two weeks before your program start date (not your travel date). As partner universities have different semester dates, your friends may receive their travel scholarships at different times.

Academic considerations

It is compulsory to undertake a full-time study load (18 - 24 credit points) while studying abroad.

Your main priority on exchange is to successfully complete your units. If at any point you encounter issues or are concerned about your academic performance at the partner university, please immediately consult your course management office at Monash Malaysia for advice.

If upon arrival at your host university you find that the units you had initially been approved for are no longer offered or you experience timetable clashes, please immediately consult your school’s course management office to seek approval for alternative units. These approvals must then be forwarded to the Monash Abroad office in Malaysia.

Ensure you inform your course management office and Monash Abroad should you opt for any of the following:

  • Withdrawal – you must provide a valid reason for your withdrawal
  • Extending your semester abroad – contact Monash Abroad for instructions on how to proceed

Being an ambassador

While you are on exchange abroad, remember that you are a representative of Monash Malaysia. It is very important that you represent Monash positively throughout the duration of your exchange program and promote Monash University at your host university. Here are some tips on how to be an excellent global ambassador:

  • Respecting financial obligations of your host university/country
  • Fulfill your academic responsibilities
  • Understanding the social norms of your host culture
  • Volunteering to represent Monash at your host campus (e.g. at study abroad fairs, presentations)
  • Offering advice to students who are planning to study abroad at Monash

Look out for culture shocks

Adjusting to foreign culture can be very exciting but at the same time challenging. To be prepared, you are advised to research various aspects of your host country including accommodation, climate, cost of living, access to public transportation and social norms.

A few tips that may help you better adapt to a new environment:

  • Make local friends as there’s no better guide than a local student who is familiar with the local culture and norms of their home.
  • Do something different every day that will enrich your experience and create life-long memories.
  • Engage with other exchange students from various cultures for the exposure and experience.
  • Start a blog or a travel journal to share your experience with family and friends back home.
  • Contact Monash Abroad or your local study abroad office to help you manage during your initial weeks abroad.