There are many comfortable and affordable accommodation options within walking distance to Monash University Malaysia. These include Sunway-managed residences and other student-friendly accommodation options.

Sunway-managed residences

The Sunway-managed residential options, listed below, offer modern living spaces, a choice of single and shared rooms, and a warm sense of community.

1. Sunway Monash Residence

2. Sun-U Residence

3. Sun-U Apartment

Further information, including ‘how to apply’ for all Sunway managed residence listed above can be found at Sunway Monash Residence.

Other accommodation options

4. Southrop Residences

5. Hostel Hunting

Note the recommended option for Monash University Malaysia students in the websites for Southrop and Hostel Hunting.

Study abroad and international exchange students

If you plan to study at Monash Malaysia as a study abroad or international exchange student, Monash Malaysia can arrange your accommodation before you arrive. You’ll be accommodated in the Sunway Monash Residence, a mini-city of students from all over the world.

Applications to stay at the Sunway Monash Residence for all study abroad or international exchange students must come through the Monash Abroad office and will be included in your offer package.

More information


Sunway Residence Management Services

+603 7652 5500


Southrop Residences

+603 5611 1899

+6011 2324 8712 (Whatsapp)

+6011 1288 0582


Hostel Hunting

+6016 705 1882


General accommodation inquiries

All information provided here is intended for guidance purposes only. The University makes no representations, warranties or guarantees, whether express or implied, as to the availability or suitability of the accommodation listed. Listing of the accommodation providers does not in any way constitute an endorsement of their services and offerings, nor does it in any way restrict your right to engage another accommodation provider. While reasonable effort has been made to ensure the information is correct, details are subject to change.