Why social studies are important in today’s society

5 April 2022

Monash Arts and Social Sciences

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Why social studies are important in today’s society

The way we communicate has evolved dramatically over the last few decades. As social media allows us to interact with people across the world in an instant and ‘internet culture’ becomes more mainstream, social studies will become even more important in understanding today’s key cultural, social and political issues.

Anyone can voice their thoughts and opinions on social media, leading to the deconstruction of many societal norms and giving way to internet trends that quickly come and go. These trends can have real-world implications, as evidenced by the popularity of influencer culture and social media activism that have fuelled movements like ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Me Too’.

It’s important for our future communicators to be flexible and adaptable – capable of navigating the complexities of modern media with an innovative mindset. Whether   you have previously considered pursuing social studies in Malaysia, you’ll find that obtaining a degree in social sciences will earn you such transferable skills that will be invaluable wherever you go.

What is social science all about?

In its simplest sense, social science is the study of civilisation and the interdependent relationship between society and its people. It helps paint the world beyond our individual experiences and gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of today’s society – from the way we communicate with each other to understanding the multi-layered development of foreign policy and globalisation.

Monash University’s Bachelor’s of Arts and Social Sciences covers a broad range of topics and majors that guide our students towards developing awareness on important social issues. It allows our students to delve into areas such as gender dynamics and sexuality, human psychology, world history and its modern challenges and what’s new in contemporary media.

One such example is the major in Communication, which focuses on the intricacies of media and how it’s related to broader cultural, political, and socio-economic changes. In this major, you’ll learn how media technologies have influenced societies of both past and present, and the theory and concepts behind a successful media campaign. You’ll also be exposed to the discussion surrounding the state of media policies across the globe.

Students who choose to major in Global Studies will observe events and phenomenon on an international scale. You will learn about world history and globalisation and the multi-layered challenges of the modern world. A highlight of our Global Studies major is our ‘A world in crisis: Multilevel responses to global emergencies’ unit, run exclusively at our Malaysian campus. You’ll be assigned a specific role in a simulated global crisis, and work alongside classmates to tackle global issues in a strategic and goal-focused manner.

Monash Malaysia’s School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) also offers the following social science subjects as majors and minors for the Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences:

If you are particularly interested in the rising field of digital media, the Bachelor of Digital Media and Communication specialises in equipping students with new and diverse communication skills for the information age. Digital media has already been integrated into many aspects of our day-to-day lives – and we aim to equip our students with a holistic understanding of both digital and traditional media, as well as the workings of e-commerce and social media platforms.

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Why study social science?

You may find yourself thinking, “where do I start?” and “what jobs can I get in social science?” At Monash, you can expect to pick up strong problem-solving and creative thinking skills that will help you thrive in the global workplace, and develop transferable skills that will be applicable to a diverse range of fields and industries. Armed a social science degree from Monash, you’ll never have a shortage of career options.

If you wish to bring about change on a systematic level, you can consider getting into politics and foreign affairs. People looking to apply themselves on a smaller scale could look into public relations. There are also opportunities in the world of marketing and advertising, journalism and publishing, the tourism industry and more. Here’s a more comprehensive list of career paths that are open to you.

Even if you choose not to pursue a career in social science, you can still expect to excel and bring meaningful change to your workspace and communities. With strong leadership skills that will facilitate effective communication and teamwork, you’ll be able to manage projects efficiently and thoroughly. You’ll also bring a unique perspective to the table – analysing problems from interesting angles and conveying these ideas coherently and persuasively.

Such attributes have allowed our graduates to embark on exciting careers worldwide in governments, international organisations, corporations, non-governmental organisations, think tanks and universities.

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