What makes a great business management course in Malaysia

3 June 2022

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Where will business or commerce take you?

Here at Monash University Malaysia’s business school, we believe a holistic experience is what makes a great business management course. This includes creating opportunities for our students to gain unique insight from the ‘real world’ that goes beyond the latest theories and trends.

To excel in the modern corporate climate, graduates must be able to tackle modern business challenges head-on. At Monash, you’ll develop industry-relevant skills and gain research-informed knowledge that will provide you with an edge over your peers in today’s competitive business world.

An industry-focused education

We ensure that all our courses stay up-to-date with the support of an Industry Advisory Board. Led by industry experts, the Board guides the development of Monash business courses and its initiatives. You’ll develop an astute understanding of the current state of business and build an industry-driven skill set that is well-suited to the needs of today’s employers.

With our strong ties to professional bodies, financial institutions, and other industry leaders, your student experience will also be enriched with industry-relevant case studies and experiences that will allow you to approach problems with a grounded mindset.

Monash offers a Work Placement Program, Work Experience Program, or internships and volunteerism. Under these programs, you’ll work with industry professionals and apply your acquired theoretical knowledge and skills in an authentic environment.

Your work experience will help ease your transition from student life to employment, as you would have developed effective interpersonal communication, built your self-confidence, and made valuable industry connections.

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Get involved in the community

We aim to nurture a sense of global social responsibility in our students, and we do that by working with organisations such as UNHCR, Teach for Refugees and Biji-biji Initiative to support local communities and build meaningful partnerships.

This means that you’ll get to actively engage with non-profits and social entrepreneurs, which is a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience while making a positive impact on social concerns such as pollution, social welfare, and refugee support.

Our curriculum has since grown to reflect a growing focus on sustainability in business, with units such as Ethics & Sustainability in a Business Environment and an integration of relevant case studies surrounding social responsibility. Navigating ethical and sustainability issues will become second nature for you.

Monash also runs initiatives throughout the year to inspire positive social change. One of the past highlights is a public forum during World Humanitarian Day where students heard from key stakeholders about current challenges faced by the refugee community in Malaysia, and participated in a bazaar by refugees, indigenous communities, the differently-abled and underprivileged communities to raise awareness and funds.

Stay connected with your peers

Founded by our alumni for alumni, the Monash Malaysia Business Alumni Chapter (MMBAC) aspires to foster a community of growth-minded, inspired individuals that learns from those who came before and passes on wisdom onto those who come after.

You'll become a part of the Monash alumni community that will give you access to an extensive network of professionals in all fields and help you to stay connected with your peers and seniors long after you graduate.

The MMBAC Executive Committee runs events centred around three pillars: community, development and social. From inspirational guest speakers to discussion workshops, you will have many opportunities to enrich yourself with unique perspectives and uplifting wisdom.

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Study Business and Commerce at Monash University Malaysia

Monash Business offers two business courses in Malaysia at the undergraduate level:

  • Bachelor of Business and Commerce degree
  • Bachelor of Business and Commerce and Bachelor of Digital Media and Communications (double degree)

The Bachelor of Business and Commerce lets you choose from a selection of nine majors that includes accountancy, applied economics, banking and financial management, business analytics, business law and taxation, econometrics and business statistics, international business management, management and strategic marketing.

The course consists of six core business and commerce units, eight dedicated units of the chosen major and eight open electives. Developed by Monash academics with a wide range of different backgrounds and perspectives, you will experience a truly international education at Monash.

You can broaden your career options by studying the Bachelor of Business and Commerce and Bachelor of Digital Media and Communication and developing complementary expertise in digital media areas such as contemporary media theory, communication technologies and practices, internet studies and more.

A proficiency in both business and media can be a highly demanded skillset in today’s workforce, given the rising prevalence of social media. With a broad knowledge of business trends and specialised communication skills, you can expect to bring value to your workplace.

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