What type of jobs can a degree in social science get you in Malaysia

4 July 2022

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As society continues to hunger for entertainment and information, there is a rising demand for workers with holistic skill sets and abilities. Today’s employers seek versatile and well-informed graduates who are capable of communicating with nuance and sophistication as well as critically analysing problems in a creative way.

Monash Malaysia’s Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences offers the opportunity to cultivate a variety of essential skills through its flexibility and socially-relevant case studies. The course allows you to pick up to two majors from a list of five:

You can also choose up to two minors to complement your degree. In addition to the list of majors that can be selected as a minor, Monash Malaysia also offers minors in:

Social studies is broad and comprehensive, and the Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences at Monash Malaysia opens doors to many career opportunities across a variety of fields. Here are some examples of social science fields in Malaysia that await you upon graduation.

The art of advertising

Marketing, defined as presenting and selling one’s product in the best way possible, is constantly evolving and more accessible. In today’s climate, the art of advertising has come to encompass a wide range of media platforms.

Be it television commercials, advertisements on video streaming services, or social media engagement, good marketing messages happen when marketers are flexible and well-informed. Being current keeps you ahead of your competition.

By choosing to major or minor in Communication, Writing or Film, you will develop valuable skills such as audience-focused communication, long-term project planning, and the ability to draw insight from relevant data sets that will allow you to navigate the shifting landscapes of marketing in media.

The roles you may find yourself in include marketing/advertising manager, market research analyst, journalist, publisher, editor, copywriter, media planner, and more.

Efficiently managing resources

Bringing out the fullest potential of employees usually takes careful planning and long-term consistency. The role for those working in administration is to build and maintain a strong foundation of office support so that other employees are able to focus on performing their assigned roles to the best of their abilities.

Regardless of the company’s size, the importance of effective administration should not be underestimated. Administrators play an essential role in supervising company processes and workflow, keeping employees motivated, and navigating everyone’s demands and expectations, among others.

Should you choose to major or minor in Gender Studies, Psychology and Public Relations, you will be guided in refining your interpersonal communication skills through understanding the nuances behind the cultural and political landscapes of today.

Given that administration encompasses multiple facets of corporate function, jobs can include human resource director, training and development manager, administrative jobs, executive recruiter and more.

Meet people from across the globe

Seeing the satisfaction that you bring to others can be a very rewarding experience. Working in tourism and hospitality brings that satisfaction on a daily basis, a big part of which is building a welcoming environment where people from all walks of life are able to relax and destress.

Tourism has historically been one of Malaysia’s most profitable industries. Before the spread of Covid-19, Malaysia hosted nearly 26.1 million international arrivals and earned RM86.1 billion in receipts. More recently, according to an article by The Star in June 2022, Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) president Datuk Tan Kok Liang stated that one million tourists have arrived in Malaysia since restrictions were lifted on international travel. The tourism industry can only grow stronger from here and graduates will find a great demand for their expertise.

During your time at Monash Malaysia, you’ll learn soft skills such as strategic campaign planning that will help you thrive in the industry. Additionally, a Global Studies major to see things from a broad perspective will be invaluable when navigating cultural differences and ensuring visitors have a holistic holiday experience.

The tourism and hospitality industry offers jobs such as restaurant manager, hotel operator, tour company owner, tourism and travel services marketing manager, and more.

For a more comprehensive list of the jobs available to you with a Monash social science degree in Malaysia, click here.

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